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Welcome to Irrational Designs.

Irrational Designs specializes in game-related digital artwork. Since 1990 I have created art for video and computer games, working with companies such as Icom Simulations, Viacom, FASA Interactive, Microsoft, Wizkids LLC, Ad Astra Games and others. If you need 2D, 3D, realtime or high-res cinematic modeling, you've come to the right place. I will bring my 16 years of game art development experience to you with motivation, creativity, flexibility, attention to detail, quick turnarounds and reasonable rates.
I am just as comfortable working on tiled pixel art for mobile phones or handheld game systems as I am with high-end 3D modeling and texturing for next-generation videogame systems and computer games. I am available for work on a remote contract basis. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my services.


8/18/2009: Minis for sale! Check out my Shapeways shop for unique starship miniatures. 3D printed on demand and shipped worldwide!
12/8/2007: Yes, that was my ship in BSG: Razor. Hope y'all liked it :)
2/10/2007: Traveller Capital Ships!
I've just finished sculpting the first set of Traveller warship miniatures, with a nice variety of Imperial and Zhodani minis at 1:7200 scale. Watch the Ad Astra and Power Projection sites for more news.
9/25/06: Ships of the Ten Worlds Calendar. After doing two Honor Harrington calendars, I got it into my head to do one for Ad Astra Games' Ten Worlds setting, using the ships from Attack Vector: Tactical. I didn't want to use the overly lush, colorful Honorverse space style for this book; AV:T is much more closely wedded to the hard science thing, and the art should reflect that. So I dialed the background down from 11 to about 3, and played around with ways to make space look a bit more cold & lonely. Check it out. I hope you like it :)
8/20/06: Miniatures:
I've learned the ins and outs of modeling watertight meshes for 3D printing. While useful for many things, my new skills are best used for making sci-fi hardware for wargaming. I've done a lot of starships for various clients already, as you can see above.
5/6/06: Thunder Thighs: Recently I did a giant stomping war machine walk cycle for Wizkids. You can see the result here. It's a 20mb quicktime movie, so be patient. Of the two 'mechs in the animation, I did the Atlas - that chunky mongrel in the camo green paint job. Modeling & rendering by Vic Bonilla.

In other news, my tactical space combat rulebook Voidstriker is finished and up for sale. If you like starship combat, check it out.
In game news, the Saganami Island Tactical Simulator is out and seems to be quite popular with the Honor Harrington fans

Check out my original miniature designs for sale at

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