The Stars Our Decimation is an old starship combat ruleset that I'm setting free so I can concentrate on other projects. Give it a try, you might find it fun. If you don't like it, that's
cool too. At least it was free.
Designed by Charles Oines and Matt Klestinski.


1/4/2016: It's all FREE NOW! YAY! Thanks to Cafepress quietly deciding it's no longer printing books, I'm setting this old mutant of a starship combat game system free. Download links are below.
I'm not planning to do any more development of the Voidstriker ruleset, so what you see below is what you get. Have fun with it. If you have any questions about the rules, fight it out amongst yourselves.

VoidstrikerThe Voidstriker Rulebook.56 pages, PDF. Take command of a single ship or a fleet. Outmaneuver and outfight your opponent in deep space or in the swirling vortex of a planetary gravity well. Choose your actions wisely and victory is yours!

Voidstriker features:
* Fast-playing newtonian physics, in or out of gravity wells
* A versatile ship design system with plenty of weapons and options spanning a wide variety of technologies
* Detailed and fast damage resolution
* A unique Actions system for controlling your ships
* Easy adaptation to miniatures and hexless play
* 15 Sample ships and 14 fighters to get you started.

-- -- --

VS SRG1Voidstriker Ship Recognition Guide, Volume 1. 56 pages, PDF. The Voidstriker Ship Recognition Guide #1 details 16 ships from the Terran Defense Force, the Martian Republican Guard, and the Jovian Alliance Navy. In addition, record sheets are included for all the sample ships in the Voidstriker rulebook, and a simple set of campaign rules allows you to take your place among the stars. By force, if necessary...

The Voidstriker Ship Recognition Guide #1 features:
* Detailed writeups for 16 ships.
* Pregenerated ship record sheets for 26 ships.
* Stats for 20 fighters and battleframes.
* Historical Scenarios
* A conquer the stars campaign

-- -- --

Voidstriker MapsVoidstriker Mapsheets.These are custom maps made specifically for Voidstriker, but they can be used for any space combat game. These maps have the gravity well diagrams already completed so you can get right to playing. The compact 11"x17" maps are just right for half-inch counters and small playing areas.

-- -- --

Voidstriker Countersheet - An ugly, hacky little set of print-em-yourself counters.



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